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Calvary Baptist Church of York, PA is . . .


An Independent Church – We do not belong to a convention or association of churches.

A Baptist Church – We believe in the historic Baptist distinctions, which include a saved, baptized, church membership.

A Biblicist Church – We believe the Bible is inspired and the final authority for our faith and practice.

An Evangelistic Church – We believe in sharing the good news of the Gospel. Sinners are lost and need to be saved.

A Teaching Church – We believe it is our responsibility to teach, disciple, and encourage Christians to know and to obey God’s will.

A Separated Church – We teach and believe in personal separation from the sin of this world’s system. We also believe in ecclesiastical separation from apostate groups who deny Christ and reject the Bible.

A Missionary Church – We believe in the Great Commission, which is to evangelize and disciple people in all nations.

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2740 Roosevelt Avenue
York, PA 17408