Special Events

April 22nd


April 23rd

Faith Bible Institute #15

April 25th

Calvary Clubs Spring #6

April 26th

JOY Longwood Garden Trip

April 27-28

Couple’s Conference @ Camp Calvary

April 29th


April 30th

Faith Bible Institute #16

May 2nd

Calvary Clubs Spring #7

May 3rd

National Day of Prayer

May 5th

Men’s Bible Study @ 8 am

May 7th

Faith Bible Institute #17

May 9th

Calvary Clubs Spring #8

May 11th

Widow/Widower trip to Shady Maple


Teen Service Saturday

May 13th

Happy Mother’s Day

May 14th

Faith Bible Institute #18

May 16th

Calvary Clubs Spring Review

May 17th

JOY—National Civil Way Museum

May 19th

Secret Sister Spring Fellowship

May 20th

VBS Meeting @ 5:30 pm

Faith Bible Institute Graduation @ 6 pm

May 23rd

Calvary Club Spring Quarter Award Program

May 28th

Happy Memorial Day

May 30th

Teen Outreach @ 5:30 pm

June 2nd

Men’s Bible Study @ 8:00 am

Grad Brunch

June 3rd

Sunday School Promotion

Calvary Clubs Yearly Awards Program @ 6:00 pm

June 7th

Ladies Bible Study @ 6:00 pm

June 8-9

Real Life College Retreat @ Camp Calvary

June 9th

Teen Game Day

June 10th

Grad Night/Fellowship

June 11-13

C3IT @ Camp Calvary

June 16th

Widow/Widower Picnic

June 17th

Happy Father’s Day!

Missionary Dan Hassman

June 18-22

Junior (Grades 3-6) Summer Camp @ Camp Calvary

June 21st

JOY—Mystery Day

June 23rd


June 25-29

Jr. High (Grades 7-9) Summer Camp @ Camp Calvary

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